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Let’s face it, technology makes our lives easier. From wireless vacuum cleaners to self-driving cars, we are now more than ever able to work, play and, most importantly, communicate with each other with ease and flexibility.

At Kolony Robotic, we wanted to make sure that our canine friends were not left out of the tech equation, which is one of the reasons we came up with our Mia robot. But we’re not the only ones harnessing progress in the field. Here’s a selection of six cool tech toys for dogs that your pet (and you) will certainly enjoy.

Petcube Bites

This is like the iPhone of tech toy for dogs: sleek, friendly and versatile. The all-in-one Wi-Fi pet cam with built-in treat dispenser allows you to see, talk and play with your dog from your phone. The device can be installed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall and comes in three trendy colors – silver, black or rose gold – to match your décor.


There are a lot of pets cams out there, but this one has something special: your dog can actually call you! The chew resistant surface is equipped with a pet-safe microphone, a low-light camera screen, motion and sound detectors and even a scent release to make your pooch feel that you are close by. By placing the PawCall accessory on the floor near the device, your dog can easily get in touch with you when he’s feeling bored or lonely. Now you only need to train him to use it with moderation!


Whistle is not a toy per se, but it sure helps keep track of the overall well-being of your four-legged friend. This is especially true if you are tracking your dog’s progress or activity level. Just as your own FitBit, the device combines GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technologies to monitor your dog’s daily routine. You can set custom sleep or activity goals and receive email or text notifications if your dog wanders away from the safe location areas you’ve identified.


While it might look like a fancy dog bowl, this is actually a clever puzzle designed specifically for your pet. By reacting correctly (through the touchpad) to different light sequences, your dog can unlock the food reward while at the same time receiving his dose of mental stimulation. Developed by dog neuroscientists, the device can be adjusted to any dog’s skill level. You can even set it to run on a schedule through the connected app. Pretty cool, eh?


Your pooch just NEVER gets tired of playing fetch? Apparently, this was the problem of the Hamills, an Austin-based family who wanted to provide their very active poodle with quality playtime while they, on the other hand, could go about their own business (such as finishing their homework for example). With this automatic ball launcher that runs on a built-in rechargeable battery, your dog can literally play for hours. The iFetch Too, a version for medium to large sized dogs, can launch standard-sized tennis balls up to 40 feet away.

PetZen Dog Treadmill

A treadmill might not be what you had in mind when we mentioned tech toys for dogs, and neither did we… We just needed a reason to share this:


Any favorites you’d add to the list? Tell us in the comments!