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Garfield made the fat cat popular, but cat obesity can be very dangerous for your cat’s health. Here are five sure options to help your obese cat lose weight. There are two main ways to help your cat shed some extra pounds: making him work more for its food, increase its level of exercise or both!

1. The walking meal

Begin by withholding food from your cat for a little while.  Avoid leaving a full bowl of food out for the day. Instead, wait for dinner time and fill your cat’s bowl. Then, carry it with you around the house as your cat follow you. Once every couple of minutes, put the bowl down and let your cat eat a little then start moving again. Less food intake and more exercise should do the trick.

2. Go fetch, cat edition

Choose a treat that your cat loves but is low calorie. Throw a single piece across the room and let your cat chase it. Wait for your cat to come back and repeat. Your cat will have to work extra hard for his treats and will get a very effective workout.

3. Interactive food delivery

Many different types of interactive feeders and treat puzzles are available on the market that can keep your cat having fun while making her work for her dinner. They are a great way to get both your cat’s brain and body working. Your cat has to manipulate them, roll them around or follow them to get a treat or piece of dry food, encouraging movement. More moving, more weight lost! That’s the strategy we had in mind when we design our robot for cats MIA.

4. Where is my food?

Leave your cat in another room whit the door closed and then put his food bowl in a different place. Release him and he’ll have to walk around looking for it. Your cat has a great nose and will surely find his dinner meal, but not before working out a little!

5. Beat the laziness the help your cat lose weight

There are so many interactive cat toys out there now that you should be able to find one that will stimulate even the laziest cat. Watch how your cat plays in order to pick the right toy for your cat. Rotate the selection of toys that your cat has out. Frequently take away the toys you have been leaving out for your cat to play with while you are away and put out a different selection to keep his attention. Think new and interesting; the same old gets boring. Making compelling new toys available to your cat encourages active play.


MIA is an autonomous robot that entertains your cat and even dispenses treats! MIA will increase your cat's exercise level, make its day more fun and help fight cat obesity