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MIA the robot just got better! We are so happy to present you our ecosystem.With the MIACAM and the Woofbox, you can customize the way your pet plays with MIA.

Why an ecosystem?

Our robot MIA can be used as a single unit. But we wanted more features! We wanted a camera to see our dogs and cats while they played with MIA. We wanted our dogs to activate MIA by themselves when they wanted to play.

Going the ecosystem way also allows us to offer your a more flexible price point. You only buy the options that suit your needs.


The MIACAM is a camera you can place anywhere is your home. When MIA is activated, the camera will turn on, allowing you to watch your pet play. No more long afternoon at work missing your pet.


The WoofBox is a little box that listens when your dog barks and instantly activates MIA. If your dog barks too much during the day for your neighbor’s taste, the WoofBox will be a great fit.

Making it your own

You were very clear on that on our social media accounts: your pets are unique and they have different needs. Our ecosystem is meant to help you build a custom solution for you and your pets.