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All about our robot MIA

Our robot for pets MIA is a 100% automatic robot equipped with a treat dispenser. Simply choose the time of day when you want your pet to exercise, and MIA will do the rest!  It’s designed to play with your cat or dog,  gives food rewards and reduce problematic behaviors such as barking, destruction, separation anxiety and more. MIA can be used alone or in synergy with the MIACAM and the WoofBox.

MIA comes with an intuitive app that lets you adjust many settings of your robot such as the number of treats it will give every day, the number of times MIA plays with your pet during the day, the speed of Mia depending on your pet’s behavior and many more. You can even customize MIA with your preferred color!

Technical specs

MIA is designed to be fun for your pet and easy for you to operate. We are cats and dogs owners, we know exactly what you want in an interactive toy.

  • 100% autonomous
  • Customizable eye color
  • Versatile dry food dispenser
  • Impact detection system
  • Stairs detection system
  • Works on hard floors and carpets
  • IoT ecosystem technology
  • Easy start function
  • Intuitive app
  • Bite proof
  • Strong polymer construction
  • Auto-stop tilt system

Still having questions? Visit our FAQ. 

How does MIA works, explained in gifs

1. Fill MIA with treats or dry food

Filling MIA the robot dispenser with treats

2. Leave your home with peace of mind

Woman leaving home after leaving her pet with the robot MIA

3. Let MIA entertain and reward your pet

MIA gives treats to a cat

4. Connect with your pet on your smartphone

Woman connect with her pet on her smartphone using MIACAM

5. Live a happy life

Woman looks happy looking at the MIA app on her smartphone