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Every pet gets a little anxious when going to the groomer. This pet groomer in Quebec (Canada) found the perfect way to keep cats and dogs happy and relaxed : they employ cuddlers!

The professional cuddlers are special needs adults who also help with some basic grooming tasks.

Simon Paquin holding a dog.

Simon Paquin is a professional pet cuddler.

The calm and heart-warming atmosphere of the salon quickly charms clients and pets while earning their trust and loyalty. On the company Facebook page, clients are raving about the quality of the service and often say that their pet feels safe and relaxed.

Indeed, cats, dogs and even rabbits are a lot calmer when the time comes to trim their nails or comb their coat. The grooming process is easier and faster! Waiting for their appointment is also much more enjoyable and dogs bark a lot less.

This initiative provides jobs and helps pet parents feel better about their visit to the groomer. What more can you ask for?